Beginner's Information
Learning to Sail:

Windsurfing is an addictive sport and once you start, you may fall victim to tuning in weather sites, searching for equipment, figuring out ways to move to the coast and getting the shimmies and shakes every time the wind starts to howl. There are many great websites out there to help you get started and here's a few to begin the process. You should also try to locate a copy of A Beginner's Guide to Zen and the Art of Windsurfing by Frank Fox. I found it recently on and even though it came out in the 1980's, it still is a hilarious and very useful manual for learning to windsurf. Two great videos/dvds to help you along are RYA Windsurfing (Peter Hart's) The Turn for the Better (which is part 2) and the one that he did before that on the basic guide to windsurfing. I've watched mine about a zillion times and I'm still findng some new information on them that I didn't see the last time I watched them. You may find them at The House (see below) or call them at 1-800-992-sail.

Now get out there and practice that uphaul, waterstart, and all those jibes...
David Brown
Triad Windsurfing Club

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